Raising funds to promote Safer Cycling in Sheffield

  • It is now 6 years since Eric Codling was tragically killed by a drunk driver on Whirlowdale Road whilst out on a bike ride (November 3rd 2013)
  • This year’s RideforEric event will be on Sunday 7th June 2020
  • The RideforEric charity is actively campaigning for Safer Cycling in Sheffield

What is the white ‘ghost Bike’ on Whirlowdale Road about?

Anyone who has driven down Whirlowdale road can’t have failed to have seen a white ‘Ghost Bike’ chained to a solitary lamppost. This bike marks the place where on November 3rd 2013, Eric Codling, a keen Cyclist and father of two was killed by a reckless drunk driver whilst out on a ride. The white ‘Ghost Bike’ is an enduring reminder of the serious and widespread consequences that dangerous driving can have!

In 2014 Eric’s family and friends wanted to commemorate Eric’s life through his passion for cycling and organised a bike ride; RideforEric, an event for riders of all abilities to take part in. RideforEric is now in its 5th year and has grown into a well-established annual ride; last year 200 cyclists took part, raising valuable funds for the RideforEric Charity.

This year’s RideforEric event will be on Sunday 7th June 2020 and for the first time RideforEric will be a part of National Bike Week (6th – 14th June 2020); a week of cycling events promoted by Cycling UK to encourage cycling participation. All of the waymarked routes start at Forge Valley School and run through spectacular countryside and cover a range of distances to suit all abilities:

25k, 50k, 100k and ‘Epic Eric’ all 3 routes – 175k (3,421m climbing)

‘Cycling safety is an on-going issue that needs to be addressed by raising awareness and education for both drivers and cyclists, we all have to share the road’ says Mike Lupton (Trustee – RideforEric)

RideforEric – A lot of people having a lot of fun!

More about RideforEric

The RideforEric Charity is actively campaigning for Safer Cycling in the Sheffield area and is working closely with local organisations to put in place a range of actions to tackle this issue.

The mission of the RideforEric Charity is to ‘Make Cycling Safer’ by:

  • Promoting the benefits of cycling and increased cycle usage
  • Promoting safer practices and protocols to all road users
  • Campaign for safer cycling infrastructure and facilities
  • Supporting locally available bereavement support

This year we are collaborating with Cycling UK, promoting the ’Too Close for Comfort’ campaign; a practical demonstration to drivers of the importance of passing cyclists with at least 1.5m clear when overtaking. When this campaign was run in Hampshire they recorded a significant reduction in reported ‘Close Pass’ incidents.

BBC Inside Out South - Close Pass 2017

Also in the lead up to the RideforEric event we will be organise a programme of Cycling Tuition sessions at the 1km Forge Valley Cycle Circuit, so new cyclists can learn about riding on the road, safely away from traffic.

And we also arrange a series of Guided Rides (in association with British Cycling) of various distances around Bradfield and the Damflask lakes; these are a great progression from the Tuition Rides, putting theory into practice on nice quiet roads.

For further information please contact:
Mike Lupton on 07831 641636
or by email mike.lupton1@gmail.com