Have you heard of the free ‘What3words’ app?

It is a worldwide system that was developed to give the whole world a post code. It defines individual 3m squares worldwide by three unique words. These words can be used to clearly define a location for a delivery, arrange a taxi pick-up or more relevant to cyclists, inform the Emergency Services and family of your location in the event of an accident.

The app also links to Apple and Google maps to navigate you to a defined square. Since adopting What3words I have used the app to remember the location I have parked my car in a strange city. I have also arranged meeting points for friends by texting them the 3 words and a time, really quick and easy.

The Emergency Services in Yorkshire have adopted What3words, and are encouraging everyone to download the app.

We are hoping that all the RideforEric riders will have downloaded the app before the ride…… why not do it now?!

For further information visit: www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-49319760