Why does Ride for Eric exist

RideforEric came about in response to the death of cyclist Eric Codling who was killed by a drunk and reckless driver, whilst cycling on Whirlowdale Road on November 3rd 2013.

Eric’s friends and family simply wanted to create an event to commemorate Eric’s life, and originally only expected close friends and family to take part.

As word got out, more and more people wanted to participate. Whether it was because they wanted to respectfully mark Eric’s passing, or to simply enjoy a day out in the leafy suburbs of Sheffield and stunning Derbyshire countryside – everyone who participated was free to challenge themselves, and make a statement about cycling safety and society’s attitude to safety.

Here’s what Eric’s wife, Karen, had to say in 2014.

The inaugral RideforEric took place on Sunday the 21st of September 2014 and exceeded the expectations of all involved.

The seed of an idea to mark the life of Eric, has created an organisation that not only operates the annual RideforEric event, but also carries out many other activities under the RfE banner.

With riders taking part from all over the country, the RfE ride has gained national exposure, with television, radio and press coverage, and was even commended for an award for its phenomenal social media campaign.

No one could have imagined all of the good things that have been created in Eric’s name, since that first ride. The trustees have founded the RideforEric Trust, primarily to promote safe cycling activities and maintain a bereavement service, but also to encourage others to create similar events.

Here is some of the feedback from the bereavement service

“I'm now able to talk and share within the family and feeling less angry.”

"I've found a safe place in her mind”

“Being able to talk to someone was invaluable.”

“I found the whirl-pool of grief very helpful.”

The RfE Trust objectives

  • To create and sponsor mass participation cycling events
  • Facilitate the education of cyclists and all road users about safe road user practices and etiquette
  • Create educational, informative and entertaining community activities to promote and disseminate safe cycling practices and safe road user practices
  • Increase participation in cycling in all areas of the community including anyone disadvantaged by physical, mental, geographical and socio-economic barriers
  • Promote – irrespective of age or ability, the health benefits of participating in cycling activities
  • Create and maintain a bereavement service that supports families through bereavement
  • The promotion of community participation in healthy recreation in particular by the provision of facilities for cycling
  • To advance the education of the general public in road safety
  • The promotion of good health of those suffering bereavement by the provision of a support service.